Saturday, November 26, 2011

Animation Portfolio

Well my Package for CalArts has already arrived at the Office of Admissions! I included a DVD of my recent work. I thought these were good selections for the reel. It shows my creativity and a consistancy in my animations and drawing. I added a "Bonus" video on the DVD for the admissions committee, but I made it optional for viewing. Only because it's not a complete story, but most of the work was finished. I had a lot of storyboards, animatics and animations put into the story.
This was one I had been working on for a few months, then at the time I started the Rattler Animation and a Scholarship Animation. So the first project was put on hold. However it has a good opening for my school. I like how it shows people who "Tony Unser" is.
The greatest thing about this project is that it didn't take too much time. The animation was fun, as for any of my projects. But the rough animation only took a week or two. Then coloring took a few hours, most likely 10. I love he music, it has a chuck jones kind of feel. Especially the snake with his dim-witted expressions! I made these characters myself obviously, not sure if anyone was wondering. I had a model sheet of him on a previous post.
This one took me on a crazy ride. So many rules for this contest. Followed them, pretty sure I didn't win though. That's why I don't like going out of my way and doing other projects when I can be devoting time towards better things. It had a really good message. There were some pretty impressive videos on there! But thanks to anyone who voted for my video. Means a lot.

Anyways, I'll be back with some more news on artwork probably later.

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