Monday, December 17, 2012

48 Hour Film

        I can say I survived my first 48 hour film challenge. I think the only reason is that I took a 5 hour nap in the middle of it! But I had so much fun doing it. This year is especially special this year because other CalArts school programs have gotten in on the fun Character Animation based events. Such as 48 hour films AND playing Assassin. Which starts right after 48 hour films! So yeah, that happened...

I might keep this here for a little but this was a group effort amongst these two goofballs. I animated from the beginning to ugh it's hard to explain where and when, but I love Abby and Erins parts. It was a learning experience because a lot of it has to do with improvisation and just being an artist! I had to close up the film with something. Something that symbolized our obstacle every time we wanted to export a video.

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